AI-Driven Analytics

Our AI Powered Analytics engine provides you with the insights you need to make better decisions.

InsightBase AI-Driven Analytics Platform

AI Powered Analytics

Ask questions in plain English and get answers in seconds.

Empowers Everyone

Since it's AI driven, everyone from your team can use it


Ask our system questions in plain English and get SQL back

AI to Javascript

Our system can generate Javascript code for you

AI Customizable Widgets

Use AI to customize the look and feel of your widgets

AI Powered Visualizations

Our system understands your data, and can generate visualizations for you

No Learning Curve

It is as simple as asking a question in plain English

Embeddable Dashboards

Embed dashboards and reports on your website or app

Data Security

Your data is secure, and only you have access to it


AI Powered Analytics

We use AI to help you analyze your data. You can ask questions in plain English and get answers in seconds.

This allows us to be 10X faster than traditional analytics tools, here's how:

  • Allow everyone on your team to analyze data, not just data scientists
  • Save time and money, since there is no learning curve
  • Make better and faster decisions, since you can get answers in seconds

Start your AI-Driven Analytics Journey

Start using AI to analyze your data today. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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