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Optimizing data analysis with artificial intelligence

Optimize your work through Artificial Intelligence in data analysis and get insights from your database, without any coding


The development of artificial intelligence has transformed several industries, but its impact is most noticeable in the field of data analysis. As data quantities grow and datasets get more complex, traditional manual analysis approaches fail to keep up. This is where AI's revolutionary potential comes into play.

According to recent surveys provided by Statista, more than half of companies are now utilizing or plan to implement AI approaches for data analysis within the next year. Why is there so much interest in AI analytics? 

Quite simply, AI enables data analysts to work smarter, not harder. AI algorithms increase efficiency by automating time-consuming and repetitive processes. Meanwhile, machine learning identifies minute correlations in massive datasets that humans could never detect on their own.

In our article, we will go into more detail about data analytics and AI, how to use AI in this process, the benefits resulting from such synergy and more - read on for actionable insights!

The Rise of AI in Data Analysis

The exponential ascent of artificial intelligence across industries in recent years has been fueled in large part by explosive data expansion. As digital transformation continues, businesses today generate and store hundreds of terabytes of data every day from web traffic, mobile apps, IoT sensors, and a variety of other sources.

This tremendous influx of big data is both a challenge and an opportunity. While traditional procedures quickly fail in the face of massive, frequently changing datasets, AI algorithms' processing capacity offers a path to extract relevant insights quickly and reliably.

The Benefits of AI-Powered Data Analysis

Implementing AI data analytics software provides numerous benefits to enterprises. By automating time-consuming, repetitive manual processes, AI allows human analysts to focus on more valuable interpretive work. Machine intelligence enables data teams to provide more intelligent, timely insights to the business, resulting in a competitive edge. That being mentioned, we offer below 3 benefits of using AI to analyze data.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that AI can free up the time of data experts by handling tiresome, low-level tasks. This includes:

  • get rid of an oversaturated amount of information.
  • data cleaning/preparation - fixing missing values, detecting outliers, merging datasets.
  • transforming raw data into formats digestible for advanced analytics.

Operational Cost Savings

Given the advantages mentioned above, AI analytics leads to considerable operational cost savings and ROI across the company. Key areas to save include:

  • data team productivity - doing more high-value work faster with less manual effort.
  • customer acquisition costs - optimized targeting and messaging compresses sales cycles.
  • inventory and cash flow - tighter forecasts cut waste, stockouts and working capital needs.

Higher Quality Insights

Another significant advantage of Ai in data analytics is the ability to find previously unnoticed insights that humans would likely miss due to data complexity. Algorithms detect tiny connections and patterns by objectively examining a large number of data signals and combinations.

Machine learning provides a significant improvement in analytical power. A 2020 MIT study found that algorithms outperform humans in extracting insights from big datasets with many attributes. Such nuanced awareness leads to better decisions.

Powerful AI-powered analytics for your business

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