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New Feature: InsightFlow and Entities

New feature: InsightFlow and Entities


We're happy to announce that we just released two new extremely powerful features meant to make data analytics even easier: Entities and InsightFlow!


InsightBase is an AI-first data analytics platform using AI to empower non-technical users to analyze their data easier. While the AI is helping non-technical users, at the same time, sometimes it can be a bottleneck and a problem because of various reasons, like:

  1. Having too many tables to work with
  2. The data not being clean
  3. Misunderstanding the question
  4. Not being aware of database-specific knowledge - like specific fields or values to ignore, or which table stores what.

Even though we have solutions for all of these problems, AI can still sometimes make mistakes, but at the same time, we want to offer our customers a reliable solution that will always work. This is why we created the InsightFlow, with Entities.


InsightFlow is a visual way to analyze the data, by walking the user through a few steps, like selecting the "Entity" they want to analyze, the type of analysis they want to perform, the metrics they want to see, etc. In addition to this, the Entities allow our users to store "database knowledge" in the Entities, and to abstract it so that there will be no need for their teammates to have the knowledge of what gets stored and where.


This is a step we're taking away from the AI because we want to offer a reliable solution, but it doesn't mean that we'll ditch the AI because it is useful in various situations, and we still have the Chatting feature, that our customers can use to Chat with their database, and we'll keep improving it. One doesn't exclude the other.


If you want to learn more about the new feature, visit our Help Center, where you can find more information about it: .

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