We're happy to announce DBAQL (Database Agnostic Query Language), a query language created by InsightBase, that can be used to query multiple databases (and data sources).


DBAQL is a huge improvement for our platform in many ways, as well as an improvement for our customers and how they interact with their data sources, and here's how it will impact everyone using InsightBase:

  1. Get better and more accurate results. Since all the AI systems are not 100% accurate, using DBAQL to calculate the results means that the results will be more accurate.
  2. Build your own queries. If you don't like the AI answer, you can just build the query manually, to answer your question. We will still use some AI magic though, for some other minor things.
  3. Soon, you will be able to run queries using DBAQL through our API and create Widgets dynamically. It will allow you to build powerful widgets for your customer-facing apps, without being afraid of what the AI system will reply.
  4. Soon, you will also be able to edit the query that was used by the AI, in order to improve it or make any fixes, if the AI system is not very accurate.

This is just one of the powerful updates that we're going to roll out soon.

Note: DBAQL is in Beta, so please use it carefully and contact us if you have any problems using it.

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