How do you build SQL queries without any knowledge in the field?

Read our article to find out how you can write SQL queries without investing time and resources in studies.


It is well known that SQL is the most widely used programming language for database management. According to Statista , SQL is the third most used language among professional developers, with a 53% share. Although it’s a advanced and useful program for database management, it’s at the same time difficult to understand for beginners.

One of the most important functions of this programming language are queries. Through queries, a multitude of information can be obtained, such as ”how many people of a particular gender accessed a web page”. Queries are, however, a huge challenge for people outside of the IT industry. To this end, artificial intelligence programs, such as InsightBase, have emerged to facilitate the process of creating SQL queries. 

Read on to find out what are the biggest challenges for a beginner in learning SQL queries and how easy it is to overcome them with InsightBase. Furthermore, find out the benefits of implementing the InsightBase features in optimizing your work.

The biggest challenges in learning SQL queries

The main obstacle here is probably the need to have IT knowledge in order to build queries in SQL, which makes it even worse for beginners. Another major obstacle that beginners encounter when trying to learn SQL queries is making the leap from comprehending fundamental SQL to becoming proficient in more complex ideas. 

To go forward successfully, this frequently calls for consistent practice and a strong time management plan. The first principles might be simple for beginners, but as the learning curve steepens, moving on to more complicated queries and functions can feel overwhelming.

Motivation is a major obstacle as well in learning SQL queries. It might be challenging to keep up the discipline when there isn't a clear use for the knowledge. This is especially true when dealing with the inevitable setbacks and annoyances that accompany learning a new skill, such as sql query writing.

One of the more efficient ways to deal with these issues is to use interactive learning platforms or to use a platform that uses artificial intelligence to chat with your database. InsightBase is a Powerful AI-powered solution, perfect for beginners, because it makes the process of writing SQL queries very simple. 

How does InsightBase facilitate the process

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, InsightBase uses artificial intelligence in all its processes. Artificial Intelligence has the power to change how easily accessible data insights are, enabling a broader spectrum of users to understand them.

Nowadays it is easier than ever to perform SQL queries, thanks to our solution, that makes the process so easy that you don't need to know any programming languages to get information from your database. More on how to use AI to optimize SQL Queries faster can be found in our previous articles.

By using AI, InsightBase makes sure that any SQL query operates as effectively as possible by analyzing and restructuring them using sophisticated algorithms. 

Another great feature of the InsightBase platform is that it uses machine learning algorithms to automate the process. For a beginner in building SQL queries, the InsightBase operating system is more than easy to understand. Learn about the benefits of using this platform in the next section.

InsightBase - chat with your database

InsightBase allows you to query huge databases, having zero knowledge in the field of SQL queries. We have developed a solution that helps you build queries through a simple chat with the database.

We are aware that you don't have time to learn SQL and how to write SQL queries, but you need insights here and now, in order to make effective decisions. That's why we created a solution without a learning curve and without other difficult and time-consuming processes. Just create an account and start extracting valuable insights, which will be the basis of your business intelligence decisions!

Do you need help with your data?

InsightBase is an AI-powered data analytics platform that helps you make better business decisions.

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